Jeff MacLachlan

“I first became interested in Photography using my dad’s Box Brownie.”

Although he had only a passing interest, I had family members and friends who where keen enthusiasts .

This led to a life long interest in the pursuit. I consider myself fortunate my first formal education regarding Photography was at Secondary school conducted by a teacher who was a successful portrait and landscape painter. He would impress on us the importance of the Rules of Composition. Who would then go on to demonstrate that the composition rules were in fact simplex versions of Art Theory.

He encouraged us to look beyond what lay in front of us and see the possibilities. “Photograph the extraordinary. Failing that, Photograph the ordinary in an extraordinary way. ”Knowing your  equipment and just what it is going to serve up is utmost. Particularly seeing a subject from the point of view that takes in the object in front of you, how your camera will record it and the post processing possibilities.

I enjoy Portrait, Landscape ,Seascape and pushing the boundaries of norms . Which often puts me at odds with the purists, and that after all is the point of any creative pursuit. My approach now is to find the extraordinary in the ordinary which often delivers unexpected but effective results.