Jenny McDonald

“My sister gave me my first camera in 1970”

I don’t remember the make but after using it for a  while I traded it in for a Pentax which had a better lens. I continued to shoot in black and white and eventually moved into 35mm colour film. Most of my photographic subject matter tends to represent nature, enhancing specific detail of structure. I am attracted to colour,  pattern, texture and the obscure such as in reflections. I remember photographing my best friend’s horses and for her 21st birthday gave her a black and white
enlargement of a horse’s eye. To me it showed such depth of sense, life and intelligence. In the 1980s I studied Black and White photography at Elsternwick  photographic School. At the time I was working in manufacturing computer graphic slides and was in charge of E6 processing and studio photography. In the 1990s I was working for an archival company where silver halide newspaper film rolls were being documented for posterity. The company worked in liaison with State Library Victoria, Public Records  Office and various regional newspapers.Over the years as technology has improved, I have upgraded to the digital and these days am astonished at the quality that is on offer. My favourite camera has become a Canon SLR and am now onto my second. My latest is a point and shoot that has an integrated lens with an astounding telephoto capacity. The other advantage it has is its compactness, fitting easily into my pocket. Currently I use my phone to capture many images when I walk with my dogs or walk with my Tuesday group of friends. It is the minutiae that attracts me, such as tiny fungi among the leaf litter on logs, under ferns. My present phone is an LG Nexus. My cameras are a Canon EDS 600D with an all-purpose 18 – 135mmm telephoto lens and Canon SX 740 HS.